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The First Annual Exhibition

The first annual exhibition of the 1st year (and 1st generation) students of the undergraduate university study of Theatre Design was held at the Academy of Arts in Osijek on Saturday  June 20, 2015.

The study of Theatre Design is the only study of applied arts in Croatia which teaches future costume and stage designers as well as puppet technologists. Students acquire the basic theoretical and historical-artistic knowledge in order to be able to learn practical and professional skills related to fine arts in theatre. They will be able to pursue individual work as artists in the field of visual representational art.

The exhibition contained the works of full-time and part-time students which had been created within the following artistic-practical courses: Fine Arts Anatomy, Spatial Drawing, History of Clothing and Analytical Design of Historical Costumes, Creative Approach to Visual Expression, Puppet Character Design, Working with Wood and Computer Workshop - Photoshop which, alongside theoretical and historical-artistic courses, are the basis for further study and research of stage, costume and puppet design as well as puppet technology.


Photos: Lorna Kalazić