Croatian Studies

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The online lifelong learning programme “Croatian Studies” is composed of four courses: Croatian Language Primer, Croatian History, Croatian Arts and Croatian Culture. Therefore, the aim of the programme is to make learners familiar with the major tendencies, artefacts, events and the most prominent representatives of Croatian cultural, artistic and historical heritage as well as to provide the basis for learning the Croatian language.

The programme “Croatian Studies” offers the opportunity to upgrade and expand one’s knowledge about Croatia, to systematize the knowledge the learners have acquired about Croatia, its history, arts and culture so far either in a formal or informal environment.

Moreover, this lifelong learning programme would enable the Academy of Arts in Osijek to augment its visibility and inter-institutional collaboration in Croatia and overseas. Along with numerous artistic projects conducted in collaboration with other foreign post-secondary institutions the Academy of Arts in Osijek would also start to offer programmes of academic and educational content on the international level.