The Academy of Arts in Osijek is proud to be the first and only puppetry school in Croatia: at the Department of Theatre, students study puppetry as well as acting.

The academy has decided to organise a revue of the best puppetry exam plays so that the general public could see and enjoy them.


Lutkokaz achieves several goals:


1. discovers young talented actors/puppeteers at the final puppetry exam for the later commercial work, thus creating “a market of qualified staff”;


2. makes puppetry popular, a cultural contribution to the town of Osijek by means of Lutkokaz plays for people of every age group as well as the promotion of the study of acting and puppetry at the Academy of Arts in Osijek;


3. knowledge and experience exchange by means of plays, lectures, exhibitions and workshops among young puppetry graduates and professors from Croatia and abroad, an opportunity for another step in the life-long education of our professors.