International Student Biennial

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Project leader: Miran Blažek, assistant

Organizer: Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek

Project collaborators: Asst. Prof. Krešimir Purgar, Asst. Prof.  Domagoj Sušac, Ana Petrović, assistant

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Project description

The International Student Biennial, created at the Academy of Arts in Osijek, was conceived as a form of creative extension of study programs. As an entity that transcends the university and its programs, it retains the right to present the creative work of all students. It aims to encourage student activities based on trust in the necessity of the creative act, without the need, or compulsion, to see such an act only in the context of art professions, but also through natural , technical, social science and humanistic methodologies. The International Student Biennial offers a new structure, a new concept, a changed paradigm, and a field in which the vitality and passionate commitment of student potential can be mobilized. The task is to realize the eternal, though constantly emerging situation of limitless and unpredictable possibilities, so that it may awaken creative forces in the student spirit. The theme of each coming biennial provokes a situation that can be used to learn and develop the existing university system. It urges us to pass on to the furthest reach of the human spirit. The International Student Biennial functions as a perpetuum mobile in which each area of student interest influences another. The given theme becomes the vehicle for a situation, guiding the student to solutions, and toward the inevitable creation of new possibilities as paradigms change in perpetual renewal.

The first International Student Biennale was held in 2015 at the Waldinger Gallery in Osijek. The concept of the first edition of the project was “Self Portrait”. The jury comprised, ass. Igor Loinjak, Asst. Prof. Hrvoje Duvnjak and project leader ass. Miran Blažek.

In 2017, the second International Student Biennial was held at the Esseker Center in Osijek. The concept of the this edition was “Error”, given by the project leader ass. Miran Blažek, also a member of the expert jury, other members of the jury were: Asst. Prof. Domagoj Sušac, Asst. Prof. Zlatko Kozina, ass. Igor Loinjak and Asst. Prof. Mario Čaušić.

The third International Student Biennial was held in 2019 in Lauba, the home for people and art in Zagreb. The concept of the third edition of the project was “Beauty”, given by Asst. Prof. Kresimir Purgar, also a member of the expert jury, which was made up of Asst. Prof. Domagoj Sušac, Asst. Prof. Zlatko Kozina, ass. Ana Petrovic and project leader, ass. Miran Blažek.



Poster design: Hrvoje Duvnjak                                  Poster design: Domagoj Sušac, Miran Blažeg                           Poster design: Goran Martin Štimac