/Quality Assurance

/ Mission

Our MISSION is promotion of higher education values on the trail of European artistic and humanistic traditions through implementation of quality art, sciece and interdisciplinary study programmes, while preserving and presenting cultural, artistic and regional particularities as well as creating stimulating environment for personal affirmation of students, teachers and all employees alike.

/ Vision

Our VISION is to become a leading regional higher education institution in the field of artistic practice and theory, cultural studies and creative industries through development of general and specific skills and competencies of students that will enable them to partake in the labour market and prepare them for an active roll in the development of creative and tolerant society.

/ Office for Quality Improvement and Assurance in Higher Education

The Office for Quality Improvement and Assurance in Higher Education is an organisational unit of the Secretary’s Office of the Academy which works alongside the University Centre for Quality Improvement and Assurance in Higher Education of the University of Josip Juraj Strossmayer in Osijek and is in charge of the organisation, monitoring, implementation and assessment of all the activities related to quality assurance and improvement in higher education at the Academy.

/ Committees

Committee for monitoring and assuring the quality of higher education

  1. dr. sc. Borko Baraban, assistant professor, the president of the Committee
  2. dr. sc. Tihana Škojo, assistant professor, member
  3. Toni Podmanicki, lecturer, member
  4. Majda Milinović, assistant, member
  5. Sara Ilić, student representative, member
  6. Ivica Lučić, Children’s Theatre Branko Mihaljević in Osijek, member
  7. Antun Ptičar, professor, primary school Fran Krsto Frankopan, member

Committee for internal assessment of the quality assurance system

  1. dr. sc. Damir Šebo, assistant professor, president
  2. dr. sc. Marija Šain, assistant professor, vice-president
  3. Metea Bublić, assistant
  4. Sheron Pimpi-Steiner, assistant
  5. Ivan Petričević, professional administrator (Student Office)
  6. Kristina Vinković, professional administrator for project
  7. Dražen Matijašević, student
  8. Sunčana Bašić, director of Music School Franjo Kuhač in Osijek

/ Documents

Ines Šobota, B.Sc. Econ.,

Professional Associate for Quality Insurance

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