/Postgraduate Specialist Study of Creative Therapies

/ About the Study

This unique postgraduate study programme combines the capacities of the Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek, the Faculty of Medicine in Osijek and the Clinical Hospital in Osijek. The students of this study will be able to do independent professional work using different art forms (fine arts, music, dance and drama) for therapeutic purposes, based on the principles of the main psychotherapeutic approaches and the principles of humanistic and developmental psychology as well as cognitive and behavioural techniques while working with a given population. The students will be trained to work with non-clinical and clinical populations. This includes working with children and adolescents with psychological problems, the delinquent population, different diagnostic categories of psychological and/or physical disorders, with cancer patients, addicts, senior citizens and specific populations.

/ What will you do here?

  • Depending on the module, you will learn about different techniques of art therapy, music therapy, drama therapy, dance and movement therapy.
  • You will deal with social and cultural differences among people.
  • You will learn about the personality development and the procedures of psychotherapy.
  • You will experience the professional practice in medical and rehabilitation institutions.
  • We will show you the noble side of the arts.

/ What will you do after the study?

  • You will be able to do art therapy, music therapy, drama therapy, dance and movement therapy professionally.
  • You will work in associations for people with disabilities.
  • Your knowledge will be useful in homes for children.
  • You will work in nursing homes and palliative care centres.
  • You will offer professional help to dysfunctional families.

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