Prerequisites for development and economic significance of regional IT sectors

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Head of project: Asst. Prof. Ivana Bestvina Bukvić

Applicant component: Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek

Project collaborators:

Prof. Ivana Đurđević Babić, Ph.D., Faculty of Education Osijek
Prof. Martin Engstler, Ph.D., Faculty of Information and Communication, Stuttgart, Germany
Prof. Boris Alexander Kühnle, Ph.D., Faculty of Electronic Media, Stuttgart, Germany


Project description

Due to its contribution to the operational efficiency of all other sectors and, consequently, the overall economy, the Information and Communication Technology (IT) sector is one of the most significant economic sectors. There is no business activity that equally influences the development of all areas of society, business environment and public administration. Also, this sector is one of the few that has not experienced a decline in operating business income and employment in the recent economic crisis. However, publications on the Croatian IT sector point out that there is a limit to the continuation of its progressive growth. The aim of this research is to determine the impact of the existing business environment on the business of regional IT sectors, to give an insight into the current and projection of future development trends of regional IT sectors and their possible development obstacles, and to analyse the existing incentive development measures and the situation of the IT sector in a highly developed region (Baden-Württemberg ) to formulate recommendations for policy makers of public policies in the Republic of Croatia for the purpose of gradually creating a supportive development environment.