/ Art and Intermedia Projects

The Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek has carried out numerous art projects, presenting in this way the artistic production of our students to the general public. Another purpose of these projects is to establish cooperation between young artists, to exchange ideas and experience, to participate in joint research and to increase the range of the learning outcomes achieved during the regular teaching process by participating in project activities and workshops that create musical, visual, performance and experimental works of art - under expert guidance of Croatian and international teachers and distinguished artists.

Other national projects
A House Without Foundations
Days of Pajo Kolarić
Toys and Autism - Designing and Creating Prototypes of Toys for Children with Developmental Delays
Mia Čorak Slavenska - “2016 - The Year of Slavenska”
An Exchange of Exhibitions of Printmaking Students from Osijek and Split
Printmaking Portfolio: Dry Aquatint - Three Academies
AkaMedia for Secondary School Teachers and Librarians

Other international projects
The Art of Croatian Puppetry: Public Performances Presenting Croatian Cultural Heritage to the American and Croatian-American Public
MIVOS String Quartet
How I See the Future
US Consulting in Promoting Croatian Art
Promoting American Arts
Digitisation of Heritage Librarian Funds (DARIAH)
Creative Danube: “Places to See, Places to Be!”

Student projects
A Perfect Gift - A Picture Book
Interlinking Student Journalism in Southeastern Europe
Notan - Student Journal
Ut pictura poesis - An Art Book by Kristina Penava