/ Before coming to Osijek

Visa requirements and residence permit are not required for EU/EEA and visa-free regime countries.

Students coming from visa-regime countries should apply for a visa to come to Croatia.

  • Application should be submitted via the Croatian embassy in the home country before departing for Croatia.
  • After processing your application, you will be issued an official Letter of Acceptance and a Confirmation of Accommodation. These documents will be needed for regulation of your visa or residence permit.
  • For more details click here.

Health Insurance

All exchange students must have health insurance during their stay in Croatia. There are several options for regulating your health insurance:

  • European Health Insurance Card (EHIC): students may use health care services in Croatia if having a valid EHIC.
  • If you are coming from a country that has signed an international agreement on health security with the Republic of Croatia, you are entitled to use the health care services during your temporary stay in Croatia. Before coming to Croatia, you should check with your health insurance provider at home under which conditions you can use your home health insurance in Croatia. If possible, your health insurance provider will issue a relevant document, which you should bring with you to Osijek. Upon arrival, you will be assisted in contacting the Croatian Institute for Health Insurance in order to replace the certificate attesting your right to use the health care with a paper-based health insurance record card (Croatian: bolesnički list).
  • You should possess an international travel and health insurance policy issued by an insurance company in your home country and valid in Croatia. This insurance must include repatriation insurance (medical expenses are paid by the student and later reimbursed by the insurance company).
  • You can regulate your health insurance upon arrival at the Croatian Health Institute (www.hzzo-net.hr). Such insurance costs around 60 EUR and entitles you to use all medical services that are available to Croatian citizens.


  • There is an option to be accommodated by the University of Osijek in a double bedroom in the dormitory located at the University Campus. A room in the dormitory costs around EUR 115.00 per month. If you like this option, please contact Ms. Klaudija Kulešević klaudijak@unios.hr, at the International Relations Office at the University of Osijek.
  • Another option of student accommodation in Osijek are private apartments and rooms that are available for rent. Monthly costs of private accommodation vary from 200 EUR for a single room to 350 EUR for a furnished apartment.
  • Our ESN home students can also help you to accommodate and adjust yourself to new living and studying environment more quickly. Therefore, it is advisable that you get in touch with the ESN Osijek right after you have been accepted for mobility to UNIOS. All contacts with the Erasmus Student Network Section Osijek are facilitated through Facebook: ESN OSIJEK on Facebook


  • Flying to Croatia
    • Osijek has its own local airport which provides direct flights only to certain European cities and only for a limited period of time during a year
    • The biggest airport in Croatia is situated near Zagreb. From Zagreb to Osijek, it takes approx. 2.5 hours by car and approx. 4 hours by bus.
    • There are also big international airports in Budapest (Hungary) and Belgrade (Serbia) that are also quite close to Osijek. If you take a bus from Budapest or Belgrade to Osijek it might take you around 4 hours.