Graduate University Study


The tambura is an all-present instrument in our region and we meet this instrument in many musical, cultural and historical discourses that we wish to show you here. Do you want to focus on teaching tambura and transferring knowledge or you wish to actively play in chamber ensembles or orchestras? Maybe you will lead an orchestra or an ensemble, or you are interested in writing arrangements or compositions for this instrument? Our study will prepare you for all these jobs so you can do what you love most after you graduate.

What will you do here?

● You will play in chamber ensembles and orchestras.
● You will learn how to lead a tambura ensemble.
● You will write arrangements for ensembles and orchestras.
● You will acquire the necessary pedagogical knowledge to be a teacher in schools.

What will you do after the study?

● You will be able to lead/conduct ensembles and orchestras.
● You can become an active musician.
● You can be a music teacher and transfer the knowledge about the instrument to young people.
● You will be able to publish sheet music.