Impact of promotional activities on the Generation Y audience development of national and town theatres in the Republic of Croatia

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Head of project: Asst. Prof. Iva Buljubasic

Applicant component: Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek


Project description

In the field of cultural marketing, it is important to present and popularise cultural and artistic creations, as well as to encourage the contact of the audience with works of art by cultural institutions. The aim of the project is to explore the “distance of producers and consumers”, and a market approach to culture imposes a demand to stimulate consumption because of greater economic profit or the institution whose products are sold (exhibition, show, etc.). Promotional activities (especially unconventional activities) attain a “fertile ground” for implementation because theatres in the Republic of Croatia need creative, low-budget and interesting promotion, but also need to look for the promotional activities that are most appealing to younger audiences (especially Generation Y). Each theatre has its own mission and vision. The task of marketing in culture or promotional activities should be to acquaint as many potential users (current and future visitors) with the mentioned mission and vision and to attract as many audiences as possible. The aim of the research is to determine the current status of the use of promotional activities in theatres in the Republic of Croatia and to increase the awareness and knowledge of promotional activities, all with the aim of improving the attraction and development of the audience.