Chemistry in Artistic Printmaking – Blue Vitriol (CuSO4) in Etching

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Head of project: Asst. Prof. Mario Čaušić

Applicant component: Academy of Arts in Osijek

Project collaborators:

Prof. Olivera Galovic,Ph.D., Department of Chemistry
Mario Matoković, Assistant, Academy of Arts in Osijek, Graphic Arts
Five selected UAOS Graduate Students, Graphics courses


Project description

Throughout the history of art printmaking, intaglio printing techniques have used extremely toxic chemicals that are harmful to health. Various metal plates, as image carriers in printmaking, have been corroded by acids such as hydrochloric or ferric chloride, but most of all nitric acid. The main area and goal of this research is the introduction of blue crystals in the teaching of printmaking, both in secondary and higher education. The purpose of the study is to use blue crystals as a compound that would reduce the use of toxic / harmful chemicals. The cooperation of the two constituent units of the University – the Fine Arts Department and the Chemistry Department would enable the acquisition of new knowledge and skills, but also the development of creative expression and thinking for the purpose of good transfer of knowledge and skills to future generations. The goals of the research are to find, investigate, analyse and record the knowledge of as many possibilities of various printmaking techniques as possible using the new non-toxic method of blue crystals, which students will apply in their creative and pedagogical work.