Julije Knifer Forum

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It is a biennial international meeting which will try to affirm and scientifically/critically analyse extremely heterogeneous phenomena of contemporary and visual art, performance and music. The Forum will always go from the central topic which will be dealt with in a discoursive manner using different formats such as panel discussions, round tables, guest lectures and so on. The title of the Forum, which refers to our most important artist of high modernism, is primarily of programme character since we wish to deal with the relations between the contemporary artistic practice and a series of hermeneutic and discipline models which are necessary so that we can open the arts to different interpretations. The main function of the Forum is to use the great scientific potential of the Academy of Arts and Culture to come up with a new and different interpretation of the arts outside the canonical approach of traditional sciences.

The specific character of the Forum is reflected in the fact that the analysed topics are always presented in their practical aspects, i.e. using artistic presentations, student workshops, film projections, performance and theatre plays. We try to link the theory and practice of visual culture into a unique platform of understanding and experience. Also, we establish a direct relationship between advancing science and the humanities on the one hand and its presentation and reception, primarily when it comes to the new “generation Z”, on the other. This is particularly important in the context of our strategic goal which is to create interest for scientific work among our students and recruiting the best among them in order to maintain the future of our institution as well as the scientific development of the Republic of Croatia, especially its eastern part.