Undergraduate University Study


If your wish is to play music, perform and actively participle in the cultural/musical scene of your community and further, then this is the study for you. The study of stringed instruments, with specialisations in guitar and tamburitza, will help you acquire all the necessary musical/theoretical knowledge so that you can become a top musician, a virtuoso of your instrument. Also, we will show you how to organise concerts, do your own promotion and remain competitive on the music market. A lot of concerts, exciting new compositions and cooperation with other musicians make this study lively and interesting.

What will you do here?

● You will learn the playing techniques of your instrument.
● You will acquire knowledge about the theory and history of music.
● You will play in an orchestra or ensemble.
● You will learn the basis of music production and management.

What will you do after the study?

● You will be able to work as a freelance artist.
● You will be able to play in a professional orchestra or ensemble.
● You will organise and produce concerts.
● You will work in production studios, on the radio and television.