Science Projects

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All the strategic research projects at the Academy are carried out within the Centre and they are the result of strategic research areas and fields: art science within the humanities, economy and information-communication sciences within the social area and the music education which belongs to the interdisciplinary area. Therefore, all our scientific potentials are directed towards the implementation of research projects only in those fields for which our professors have the adequate knowledge and experience. This way, it is an adequate use of the available resources and we become more prominent in those very competitive fields. The individual scientific activity of our professors is directed in such a way that it becomes a part of already defined projects of the Academy which ensures the achievement of the strategic research goals. The mentioned projects are as follows:


  • Image Science – problems, methods, goals
  • Community Practice in Transition – art, institutions and public sphere
  • Basic Definitions of the Notion of Puppet – synchronic, diachronic and poetic characteristics
  • Culture, Media and Management in Creative Industries – scientific, management and media aspects
  • Vocal Art and Music Education – interdisciplinary scientific and artistic topics
  • Theoretical and Poetical Aspects of Performance – relationship between costume and stage design