The International Student Fine Arts Workshop Jarčevac

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Project description

The design of wood, as well as the work with this material, was originally implanted in the man who uses and cultivates it from the beginning of its existence. Human history is unimaginable without the knowledge of wood manipulation, and the artistic processing of wood, which from its prehistoric ritual beginnings continues to this day, plays an important role in the culture and art of all mankind. The idea behind the establishment of the Jarcevac workshop was to popularize fine woodworking and modern woodworking techniques among the students of the Fine Arts and Arts Academies. The Jarčevac Sculpture Workshop was created in 2009 as a fieldwork course in the Sculpture course for students of the 3rd year of the Department of Media and Visual Arts, Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek. Student sculpture workshop in Jarcevac wood, organized by the Academy in Osijek, has developed into a respectable event where in the last few years guests from the Academy of Fine Arts from the region have been participating with the students of the Academy. The workshop is held during the autumn in the Jarcevac forest. In addition to the educational goal, ie training young people for woodworking, the goal of the Jarcevac workshop is to connect students and mentors from the region and to introduce young people to the forest ecosystem, as well as to bring students closer to nature and its resources. In addition to the resulting sculptures, the result of this workshop is the acquired knowledge and competences of students in woodworking and the development of social intelligence and motivational processes realized through the medium of sculpture. Working in demanding material such as wood, after the experience of such a workshop, in the student awakens confidence and necessary courage for later challenges and experiments with any sculptural material. Students in Jarcevac further define their artistic aesthetics and artistic concepts by acquiring the necessary knowledge about wood, tools for its processing, and preserving and protecting this material.