Graduate University Study


Just as puppets need animators, puppet plays need puppetry directors. So, choose this study and become one of the first directors in Croatia who will devote their attention to objects which live only on the stage. And keep in mind that puppets do not have egos, they require a firm hand. An ideal associate to every director, right? Using theory and practice, the study of puppetry directing will teach you all about puppetry directing and its characteristics as well as about puppetry dramaturgy and infinite possibilities available to you so that you can create whatever you wish.

What will you do here?

● You will learn the characteristics of puppetry directing.
● You will learn about the history and theory of puppetry directing.
● You will learn the basics of puppetry dramaturgy.
● You will learn to create rich puppet worlds.

What will you do after the study?

● You will be able to direct puppet plays in professional theatres.
● You will be able to direct puppet projects for television and film.
● You will be ready for independent projects.
● You will be able to create projects abroad.