Undergraduate University Study


The study of music education is the best and the most comprehensive way to realise your music ambitions. It allows you to work in music education, media and music industry. Also, it proves the foundation on which to build your independent music career and it encourages you to actively perform music as a member of different vocal and instrumental ensembles. We offer you a modern work programme, access to the latest information and events regarding different fields of arts, communication with education and art institutions in the country and abroad as well as interesting elective courses which will widen and enrich you music competence and interest.

What will you learn?

● You will develop knowledge and skills necessary for music education.
● You will acquire the competence to perform, teach and create music.
● You will get a lot of experience of pedagogical practice.
● You will develop knowledge and skills needed for your future music/education work.

What will you do after the study?

● You will be able to start a career as a freelance musician.
● You will be an interesting choice to music and production studios.
● You will teach music in cultural centres and at various music courses.
● If you also finish the graduate study, you will be able to work in music education.