Undergraduate University Study


In three years, you will learn the most important things about acting and puppetry, your own body and voice, practice and theory. You will get to know the acting and animation techniques. An exciting journey from play to art will begin in you, your body, thought and emotion, continue in the work with partners and basic types of puppets and end in a variety of genres and your own creativity enriched with knowledge. On your way, you will learn about the basics and characteristics of stage movement, dance and speech, while everything will be linked and seasoned with the history and theory of theatre and puppetry as the necessary partners of the practical work. In this partner relationship, building yourself, you will develop you own critical (self) awareness of performance art and your place in it.

What will you do here?

● We will teach you the techniques of acting and the animation of the basic types of puppets.
● You will work on yourself, your movement and voice as well as the interactions with your partner.
● You will learn about puppetry techniques.
● You will learn the basics of the history and theory of theatre and puppetry.

What will you do after the study?

● You will be able to perform in a theatre, film, television or radio programme.
● You will be able to become a member of an acting or puppetry ensemble.
● You will be able to create your own projects.
● You will be able to take part in a wide array of television and media jobs.