Graduate University Study


You have chosen the graduate study of fine arts education and you think you are an artist already. Hold on, there are two super exciting years ahead. First, some good news for your parents: with this study you can teach fine arts in primary and secondary schools. But if being professor is not your thing, then become a pure artist. We know that you can already draw a horse and that is why we offer you something much more exciting: master painting on a large canvas, discover detailed printmaking techniques, use multimedia installations and multi-channel video projections to express yourself, give life to stone or bronze. Are you an artist or not?

What will you do here?

● You will use fine arts techniques that interest you most.
● You will learn how to think in visual and conceptual ways.
● You will discover the secrets of traditional printmaking techniques.
● You will learn about the methods of teaching fine arts and art history.

What will you do after the study?

● First and foremost, you will create your own art.
● You will be able to teach fine arts in schools.
● Designer studios and advertising agencies will need your creativity.
● Art and culture start-ups will look for you.