Undergraduate University Study


You probably know that this is the only study of applied arts in Croatia and the neighbouring countries. It educates future costume, stage and puppet designers and puppet technology experts. You will do extremely creative and fun stuff here. You should also know that there is a lack of professional stage and costume designers as well as professionals who know how to make puppets, props and stage for puppet theatres. In other words: your future job is in demand. You will also like that fact that this study opens up the possibility of continuing your studies, once you get to know yourself and your potential better, choosing some related programme in the fields of visual, performance and applied arts, new media, design or theory. Yes, all that at our Academy!

What will you do here?

● You will learn the basic fine arts techniques.
● You will learn about the theory of theatre, performance and visual arts.
● You will learn the basic principles of the modelling theory and practice.
● You will design using different materials: textile, paper, wood, metal.

What will you do after the study?

● You will design costumes and stage in a theatre or for a film.
● You will do theatre plays, operas, dance and children’s plays, puppet plays.
● You will model and create puppets, masks and stage props.
● You will be able to pursue theatre or film criticism or theory.