Undergraduate University Study


During these three years, we will show you all the most important fine arts techniques. You will learn about painting, sculpture, printmaking, drawing, photography, video recording, digital graphics and design. We will teach you to love art, even the one that you do not like. We will show you how to distinguish between beautiful and ugly, how to look at abstract art and why good art is so hard to recognise. We will prove to you that black and white films are not boring at all, that selfie is not the only genre of photography and that visual culture offers many interesting life choices. If you are already under the influence of fine arts and new media, or you with to be, this study is your ticket to the great shows that will follow.

What will you do here?

● We will teach you to paint, draw and model portraits, nudes and still lifes.
● You will deal with space and perspective.
● You will learn about new art media.
● You will learn the basic history of art.
● You will enter the world of paintings and sculptures.

What will you do after the study?

● You will be able to lead fine arts workshops.
● You will be able to cooperate in projects of art associations.
● You will be able to conceive you own projects.