I am deeply honoured by the opportunity to greet those who wish to read this text.


The Academy of Arts in Osijek is the only artistic-teaching organisational unit of Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek. The institutional accreditation for the activities of the Academy was issued by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports on 18 October 2004. It was the beginning of an adventure which included the organisation of an institution that has become nationally and regionally recognised due to its interdisciplinary approach to the arts and its studies of puppetry and theatre design. To initiate, staff, situate and equip such a major project as the Academy of Arts was a demanding task.


Today, the Academy of Arts consists of three departments and one independent interdisciplinary chair: the Department of Music with its studies of Music Education, Piano and Voice, the Department of Fine Arts, the Department of Theatre and the Chair of Theatre Design. The first generation of students was enrolled in the academic year of 2004/2005.


Teachers, assistants and associates for arts pay considerable attention to the quality of teaching and mentoring, which has been recognised by many awards that our students and teachers have received at national and international revues, festivals and exhibitions. We are all encouraged by the arts to reflect upon reality and question various assumptions and conventions. The arts promote the idea of a brand identity of Osijek as a town that could be recognised by its culture. The fresh and innovative approach to artistic creation of our teachers and assistants is a contribution to the advancement of science that deals with the arts.


Since I come from the world of literature, my dear readers, I will repeat the words of Irena Vrkljan who says in one of her novels that “the feelings of a woman are the feelings of time”.


I will go on by saying that the female energy is the energy that has inner patience and consistent positive defiance which can move and change not only time and people, but also the space around them. Such volcanic energy is hidden in the Croatian feminine nouns “akademija” (academy), “umjetnost” (art), “razlika” (difference).


I am sure that our future students will continue to regard the Academy of Arts as a stimulating, provocative, creative place to study.


dr.sc. Helena Sablić Tomić, full professor

Dean of the Academy of Arts in Osijek