AkaMedia for secondary school teachers and librarians

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Head of project: Snježana Barić – Šelmić, Assistant, Tomislav Levak, Assistant

Applicant component: Academy of Arts in Osijek

Project duration: February 17, 2020 – March 28, 2020

Project partners:

– Electrical and Traffic School Osijek
– III Gymnasium Osijek (science – mathematics)

Project description:

Today’s post-millennial generations of the so-called Digital Natives produce, create and consume (media) content in a completely different way than they did in the generations before digital immigrants. We are surrounded by an enormous amount of information and messages every day, so a proactive approach to selecting information and sources of information and a critical and analytical approach to analysing and interpreting media content is extremely important. Media literacy develops the skills of conscious decision making about exposure to media content, critical analysis of media content and the ability to create your own production of media content. Guided by these facts, we believe that (new) media literacy for secondary school teachers and librarians is important so that they can disseminate this knowledge to students and co-workers, and so that they can improve their mutual cooperation and relationship with students who are just members of the so-called generation of digital. In fact, more recent research confirms the trend that citizens, especially at younger ages, increasingly use online media and social networks as news sources.