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By studying at the Department of Instrumental Studies and Composition with Music Theory, students will become professional composers, music theorists or instrumentalists (piano, guitar, tambura) with the knowledge of production and music management. The Department teaches how to become a distinguished musician – a freelance artist – who knows how to cope with the challenges of a musical career. The undergraduate and graduate study programmes offer knowledge about performance, music and theory as well as the technical knowledge that students need in order to become great instrumentalists, composers or music theorists.

Also, the study programmes provide an introduction to marketing and management in arts and culture as well as production by including the practical experience of the teachers in the world of music industry. This enables the achievement of better results in the highly competitive world. Students who wish to develop their personal abilities and preferences can choose the pedagogical module that provides the qualifications to teach or the management and production module that teaches how to arrange and produce a piece of music or lead an orchestra or an ensemble.

By including different disciplines in the study of composition, music theory or instruments, students can build their future careers as composers, theorists, performers and producers in terms of their artistic as well as their scientific/pedagogical work.

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