/ Before coming to Osijek

Before you start your mobility there are certain things you should keep in mind:

  • There should be an interinstitutional agreement signed between your and our University
  • If such an agreement is not signed at the moment of your applying for Erasmus Mobility, please contact your Erasmus coordinator so that he/she can arrange for signing of this agreement
  • The interinstitutional agreement has to be signed before you start realizing your Erasmus Mobility at the Academy in Osijek
  • You should contact in advance either the Erasmus coordinator at the Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek (Katarina Žeravica, PhD, Associate Professor, kzeravica@aukos.hr) or a staff member from one of the departments (non-academic staff, teachers) you would like to visit, either for the purposes of teaching or training, and arrange everything with them – dates of your stay in Osijek, your teaching/training plan, schedule, etc.
  • The Erasmus coordinator at the Academy in Osijek will send you an official Acceptance letter, signed and stamped, that you will need for the application procedure
  • You have to apply at the current call for applications for Erasmus Staff Mobility at your University
  • Only your University can nominate you for Erasmus Staff Mobility
  • All the pieces of information that you provide in your application form and later on in your Mobility Agreement for Training/Teaching, will be only used for the purposes of your Erasmus mobility
  • Please send all the documents your home University requires to be signed and stamped to the Erasmus Coordinator at the Academy, Katarina Žeravica, PhD, Associate Professor kzeravica@aukos.hr