/ Application procedures

Before you start your mobility there are certain things you should keep in mind:

  • There should be an interinstitutional agreement signed between your and our University
  • If such an agreement is not signed at the moment of your applying for Erasmus mobility, please contact Erasmus coordinator at your home University so that he/she can arrange for signing of this agreement
  • The interinstitutional agreement has to be signed before you start realizing your Erasmus mobility at the Academy in Osijek
  • To see the list of partner-countries click here.
  • The higher education institutions that collaborate with the Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek are listed under AKADEMIJA ZA UMJETNOST I KULTURU (AUKOS).

The Application Procedure:

Step 1

  • You have to apply at the current open call for applications for Erasmus mobility for students at your home University

Step 2

Step 3

  • Once your home University has nominated you for Erasmus mobility, you should complete the application which consists of the following OBLIGATORY DOCUMENTS:
    • Application Form
    • Preliminary Learning Agreement for Studies or Learning Agreement for Traineeships
    • 1 personal photo
    • Copy of the ID card or passport page with personal data
    • Transcript of Records from your home University
    • Certificate of the Erasmus+ student status (signed by your Erasmus coordinator and stamped by official institutional stamp)
    • Non-criminal record (it is a document required only for non-EU students and it is issued by a home town court or local police station stating that a student / an applicant did not commit crime or have not been charged and convicted of a felony offense)
    • All the necessary forms listed above you can find here.

Step 4

  • Completed application forms and accompanying documents are to be sent in scanned version in .pdf to the e-mail: klaudijak@unios.hr

For internships:

Applications for training (Erasmus+ placement) are accepted without any specific deadlines, at least one month before the placement starts.


If you have any questions regarding what courses to take and list in your Learning Agreement, or you are enquiring about realizing your student internship at the Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek, please contact the Erasmus coordinator at the Academy (Katarina Žeravica, PhD, Assoc. Prof., kzeravica@aukos.hr).