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The Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek is an artistic-teaching and scientific-teaching institution of higher education founded in 2018 by merging the Academy of Arts in Osijek and the Department of Cultural Studies of the University of Josip Juraj Strossmayer in Osijek.

It is an institution which sets trends and changes perspectives. It is open to different types of students, continuously encouraging the development of their interests.

The Academy is an institution of higher education which organises and runs university study programmes - undergraduate, graduate and specialist study programmes of visual arts, music, theatre, applied arts, media culture, cultural management, creative therapies, public relations and communication science. It stimulates and promotes scientific, educational and artistic work in several fields.

The Academy is focused on becoming the central artistic and scientific institution of higher education in the region and in Croatia by taking account of the labour market and the demand for highly educated experts in the fields of culture, media and creative industries as well as the fact that the future of every society and nation is based on the formation of socially responsible, critical and broadly educated young people who will be able to provide an answer to any future question.

Since 2023, the development strategy of the Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek has included the guidelines for the improvement of arts and culture sustainability in terms of the following activities: teaching and learning, scientific and artistic research, business strategy, artistic and cultural practice as well as the active inclusion of the latest trends in the field of new technologies.

The Academy is located in several buildings within the University Campus in Osijek and in the building of the Rector’s Office in Tvrđa.

Since its foundation, the Academy has been presenting its work to the community by means of different regional, national and international artistic and scientific projects the list of which is available at:

Ured za znanost, umjetnost, programe, projekte EU i međuinstitucijsku suradnju