Graduate University Study


This study does not hate words. It loves them, but it loves bodies even more, their movements, meetings and conflicts, the speech that the contact between them creates. But is also loves music and sound, animation of body parts, objects and material. If you love all that, and much more, this is the study for you. Here, you will research the physical, technical and animation possibilities of all the aspects of performance acts and you will surely and easily enter the space of the contemporary theatre.

What will you do here?

● You will research the spatial possibilities of the body.
● You will research the ways of communication between two or more bodies.
● You will confront your body with objects and parts of the stage.
● You will learn about the dramaturgy of bodies and movement.

What will you do after the study?

● You will be able to play in theatres and non-verbal theatres, to work for film and television companies.
● You will be able to create your own projects of contemporary nature.
● You will be in charge of the stage movement in theatre plays.
● You will be able to lead non-verbal theatre workshops.